Transfer of n0tice services to Contribly

On the 1st of March 2016 Contribly Ltd took responsibility for the services previously provided by n0tice Ltd.

In addition to their own services, Contribly will continue to provide an API which is backwards compatible with the legacy n0tice API.
To ensure continued service, n0tice users will need to complete the migration actions detailed below.

Migration actions for n0tice API users

API URL changes

As part of the transfer from n0tice to Contribly it was agreed that the n0tice API URLs would be retired.
This change potentially impacts n0tice API calls from websites, interactives and apps.

Contribly will continue to support a copy of the n0tice API on a new URL.
Apps and websites which called the n0tice API need to make the following change.



API URL references should be changed and updates rolled out as soon as possible.

End of life dates for n0tice URLs

A sunset period was agreed to allow clients using the n0tice API on the legacy n0tice URLs to migrate to the new service URLs but this has now expired.

The legacy n0tice API URL could become unavailable, without further warning, at any point after the 31th of August 2016 and
will almost certainly not be available after the 1st of April 2017.

n0tice white label websites

Clients using the hosted white label website will need to change their DNS delegation.
The DNS delegation for n0tice whitelabel sites needs to change from:




What is n0tice compatibility?

The n0tice compatibility service is provided by Contibly proxying their own API into a format which is compatible with the legacy n0tice API.
Content accessed via the n0tice compatibility service is actually persisted in the Contriby API.

Clients who are using the n0tice compatibility service have the option of calling the Contribly API directly if they wish.

The potential advantages of using the Contribly API directly include:

In should be emphasised that this is optional. Clients are welcome to continue to access their content using n0tice formatted calls to n0tice compatibility.